Making software isn’t magic but rather a whole lot of hard work and this is something that a lot of people tend to underestimate. Although the process isn’t impossible, it takes quite a lot of work in order to make a software. Software development is something that requires a whole lot of work and this is why not a lot of people can do it. Well, correctly, that is. The whole process involves six different steps from start to finish before a fully functional software can be created.

Software can be very profitable and very useful especially for those specific fields that rely on these software to fully function. From the medical field all the way to daycare, these software allow a system to function faster and more reliably. These seven steps are important to follow in the software development process.

Six steps of software development:

1. Planning

Everything starts with an idea. But an idea has to be carefully crafted before it can ever become a reality. This is why it is very important to follow the meticulous planning process to the core. The SMART method is the most effective software development planning process that can be followed.

Here are a few steps to follow:

Specific. The software has to be very specific. This means the options within the software have to have limitations and a clear description on how they can function. When it comes to planning, the more specific the better. This allows the software developer to work within the specific limitations that are defined.

Measurable. Being able to measure when a software is complete and when work still needs to be done is very important. Without doing so, the software developer will have a clearer workflow and divide the entire project into phases. Depending on the size of the software, it is also very important to know the different segments of the software to properly facilitate the software development process.

Attainable. Although a brilliant idea may pop up once in a while, it is important to make sure that the final output is attainable and not something that goes beyond certain boundaries either legal or in function. Making a software that is designed to print money, hack, or other functions are examples of things that aren’t attainable.

Relevant. Of course, making a software that does not have any use at all will be a waste of resources. It is important to take note that there are other competitors that should be taken note of. There might be softwares exactly like the software that you are planning to make. If there are, how can you make the software stand out?

Time-bounded. As mentioned earlier, it is important to make sure that the whole software development process is cut into phases. This way, you will have a clearer idea of how long the whole software development process will take. This can also help with your overall budget. Of course, the longer something takes to make, the more costly it can be.

2. Design

It is important to meet with the software developer, if you are not doing it yourself, in order to properly discuss the design of the software. This will give a clearer understanding as to what is doable and what is not and should open more possibilities and might just make the software better than expected.

The complete designing process also takes a lot of creativity so it would be good to work along with professionals. Since the consumption of apps rely mainly on the visual aspect, it is important to make sure the application is pleasing to look at and its design serves to make the app better.

3. Coding process

This is the main core of the software development process. This is where the work really needs to be done and can even be the longest segment of the whole software development process. This critical process should not be rushed and there should even be an additional allocation of time in order to ensure that the whole process is done correctly.

The entire coding process is also very dependent on the skills of the software developer. Sometimes, the software may require more expertise which is why if the software cannot be done by the main software developer themselves, they should really outsource the work to other programmers in order to not only speed up the process or improve the quality but also to make sure that it is done correctly altogether.

4. Testing

It is very important to test out the software in order to get honest feedback before rolling out the software for public use. The testing process is essential because this is where the software developer can get honest feedback on how to make the software better or whether or not the software is sellable.

The testing process involves collecting specific data that could lead towards a better software in the end. It is important to look for negative feedback instead of positive feedback in order to properly fix what needs to be fixed. However, it is important to sift through the feedback and make sure it is helpful and not destructive.

5. Deployment

Launching the software isn’t as easy as one, two, three. In fact, there is still a huge need for the proper deployment or rather the marketing process for commercial use and proper software briefing for private use.

Marketing. Marketing involves briefing the target market on how to use the software and also making the software visible and attractive. Visibility isn’t just everything, it is important to have a good reaction to the upcoming software to make sure that when it launches, the software is well received.

Briefing of Users. For private use, it is important to brief its users on how to use the software. This is important for medical software and other software that is privately used by a company. The orientation process can be done by hosting seminars, or even by making a simple tutorial video and additional articles for the software.

6. Maintenance

Now that the software is out, it is important to maintain it. This process can be done with either the original software developer or with a completely different team. Either way, it is important to make sure that the software is well-maintained in order to keep its users happy.


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