About Us

We understand the struggles and challenges that each entrepreneur faces everyday, so we always try to consult and propose the most suitable solutions in terms of cost/outcome effectiveness.


A software boutique focuses on cutting-edge technologies and quality optimization!

Since 2016, we have collaborated with customers in 9 countries: Australia, France, the UK, Germany, Romania, Japan , Singapore, the US, and Vietnam.

Since the beginning, ICTS has been mainly trusted by many software houses and digital agencies, acting as their extended development center based in Vietnam. We also provide consultation and development services to SMEs (small and medium companies), startups that are struggling to build their own systems (CRM, ERP) or their mobile app prototype with limited resources.


At ICTS, we focus on "Simply Effective" in each step of everyday operations and services!

The phrase ‘simply effective’ is originally rooted from the mindset of our CEO - Mr. Trung as an IT engineer who desires to build every product to be effective, yet simple to manage, maintain, and upgrade.

We aim to provide bespoke and "simply effective" software outsourcing solutions to startups, SMEs, and corporates, accompanying them in each step of their technical challenges.

We work for constant optimization and efficiency. Bearing this mindset, we always try to consult and propose the most suitable solutions in terms of cost/outcome effectiveness.

In this place, we value Integrity - Communication - Technology and Smile!

Top 3 Software Development Companies in Vietnam 2023 (According to Goodfirms).


A Lean, Effective Solution is Better than a Fancy One!


Accurate, timely and transparent communication is the backbone of our services.


We accompany clients in each step of product development and consult the optimal solution in terms of time and budget.


The development plan is aligned with the launching plan or the business milestone of clients, ensuring the most reasonable time-to-market.

Secure and Privacy

Solid measures - Non-disclosure agreements - Strict security process.

Our Clients

Trusted by over 30+ offshore clients!

Quality in a service or product is not what we put into it. It is what the client gets out of it.


We're here to see through your hassles, even when they aren't said.

Thomas Nguyen

CEO & Founder


Ellen Nguyen



Robert Nguyen




Contact us and discover what benefits we can bring to your software and mobile app development project in terms of quality and budget

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