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  • Product: Travel apps, Utilities apps, E-commerce, Business apps, Informational, Shopping apps
  • Technologies: iOS (ObjC), Android (Java)

About Idealo Flights – cheap airline ticket booking app

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Comparing budget airfares and book cheap flights on the phone. The flight comparison app finds and lists offers of numerous airlines and countless routes worldwide.
Filtering results to see the best offers quickly and then book plane tickets directly with the airline or travel shop using the phone. Even before the search begins, the app will show approximate prices for flights based on former searches. Besides sorting results by cost and flight length, flights leaving or arriving at the same time can also be grouped together and sorted using the many useful filters.
Main features

  • Saved flights and searches: the menu with saved flight searches, prices and routes is also available without an internet connection e.g. on the airplane;

  • Easy-to-use search form: departure and destination airports can be chosen in only one search mask and from relevant suggestions;

  • Optional data storage: choose to save your data and that of other travelers in the app. This can then be automatically used when booking flights, saving time and avoiding annoying typo;

  • Useful calendar feature: to find the cheapest offers in the app, swipe through the calendar to show current flight prices as compared to other days;

  • Group results: besides sorting flights by price and flight duration you can also sort flights with identical departure times to find the best option more quickly