• Product: Online ordering website and customer management system
  • Technologies: Python (Django), Vue JS

Digital transformation project for Hanotoky Sushi restaurant in Montélimar city, France. This is an important stepping stone for the restaurant to perfect the process, serving the vision for replicating the chain business model, combining online ordering, with the goal of building a professional and friendly Sushi Restaurant brand.

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Hanotoky is a sushi restaurant located in France, with the mission of serving with fresh, healthy and tasty products. The restaurant received the badge “Best Restaurant” of Ubereats - 1 of the 2 most prestigious online delivery apps in France and became the restaurant with the highest score of 4.7/5 among the restaurants that used the Ubereats app in the city.

Challenges - Solutions



Following 3 visions including: 
(1) Short-term: Improve the ordering part from phone ordering to online ordering, helping to improve order quality and speed
(2) Long-term: Complete internal digital transformation items including desk management, staff management, etc. and can rely on customer data to make timely and appropriate decisions.
(3) Expansion: From the existing system, perfecting to meet the future open-chain needs.

An all-exclusive website with complete process for each user type, from customers to managers.

Main features
Order, billing, store management, etc.